Choose Classic White Bathroom Cabinets For a Fresh Look

To give your bathroom cabinets a clean, polished look, consider installing white cabinets. Replace those current drab, worn-out cabinets with something that will pop. Remodeling a bathroom cabinets in white provides a lot of versatility when it comes to decorating. White matches perfectly with any color and will complement any existing decor.

Choose Classic White Bathroom Cabinets For a Fresh Look
choose classic white bathroom cabinets for a fresh look

If the bathroom will be completely remodeled, white cabinets are a great baseline from which to design the new look. They’ll allow for change whenever the mood strikes without having to constantly upgrade every time a new trend in bathroom decorating comes along. Swap out colorful towels, curtains and accent pieces for a fresh new look without having to worry about clashing with your cabinets.

If you desire a new look for your bathroom cabinets, but do not want the hassle of installing new cabinets, consider painting the current ones white. Just remove the current cabinetry and sand them down, especially if they are already treated. Prime them and then apply several coats of high-quality white paint. Make sure the paint you choose is resistant to scuffs, chips and damage as the bathroom is one of the most high-traffic areas of any home.

If a do-it-yourself project is not what you had in mind, visit any home improvement store or cabinet designer to get ideas for a new look. Some cabinets may already be pre-painted and ready to purchase and install. Others can be ordered to suit your desires. Talk with a professional in order to make sure you get exactly what you want at the price you can afford.

White bathroom cabinets are a great way to turn an old bathroom into something spectacular. Pick up some additional white bath furniture to add to the new look and provide your bathroom with even more functionality. White shelving, towel storage towers, and medicine cabinets can all be added to really bring it all together. Everyone will love just how bright and inviting the bathroom cabinets can be with new white cabinets!

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