Create the remodel a bathroom is getting Fresh with a touch of Flowers

Remodel a bathroom because it takes a new look, it takes a lot of cost. Why not try adding ornaments plants such as flowers in a vase or flower pot. A simple idea that will give a different atmosphere change in the bathroom. Adjust only the type or colour of the plant floor or wall color development in the bathroom.
Create the bathroom is getting Fresh with a touch of Flowers
Flower pot
Two flower pots were enough to give the impression recently in the bathroom. The yellow-painted pots give color to stand out from the white colour that dominates the bathroom. Put it in the corner of the bathroom.

Stylish on the sink
Though small-sized but the vase with green flower is capable of giving the greenery in the remodel a bathroom. The silver-colored vase with customized marble bathroom walls are colored gray. Really the options are already considered.

Hydrangea flowers
The flowers are often found on wedding decorations is also beautiful to decorate the remodel a bathroom. After the wedding is over, can he Hydragea flower stalk ambi and put it in Your bathroom sink countertop.

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