how to make a small bathroom look elegant

The small bathroom in your home may be small, but that does not mean unable to make room to put a storage area. Because storage is required for store needs a bathroom to keep it from falling apart. To make room to put storage in the bathroom needs to be clever stratagem. The following ideas can give you the inspiration to make room storage, such as shelves or cupboards in the small bathroom.
how to make a small bathroom look elegant
At the home of actress Ellen Pompeo is, the designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard using stacking shelves to put the needs of the shower in the bathroom. Although limited, but there is room for more. He also added a metal table to beautify the small bathroom.

In the bathroom of a house in the city of New York, the rest of the space between the sink with closet can be used to put a rack cabinet antic. The shelves can be put, books, towels, and plants. Gucci Wallpaper in bathroom wall effect on the width of the room. The wall at the side of the sink can be used to put a shelf to store perfume, deodorant, toothpaste, and other small bathroom needs.

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