Narrow Bathrooms Magic So Wide

Limitations of land sometimes demanding you to be more creative in designing any room in the House, including the bathrooms. For those of you who have a narrow-sized bathrooms, don’t get discouraged just yet. There are tricks that you can check out so that you can narrow bathroom look spacious. In order to narrow Your bathroom look spacious, the key lies in the selection of furniture that is in the bathroom.
Narrow Bathroom Magic So Wide
Choose a set of slim and small sink
Aside from conserve places a sleek sink, also gives the impression of graceful in your bathroom. Add a multi functional cabinets above the sink. The cabinets can be used as a place to store medicines or toiletries.

Maximize your furniture with two functions
Please place the two small benches under your sink. In addition to this bench can be used as a small foothold in the sink, this stool can also you use to put something when you take a shower.

Install the furniture made of glass
Furniture made of glass will certainly reflect light, making You feel cramped bathroom more spacious. The selection of tiles, and the mirror in the bathroom is furniture that can ‘ save ‘ in order to make your bathrooms look more spacious.

Post an additional rack next to the sink
If it is not possible to put the closet as storage of towels and toiletries, you can replace it by using the rack. In doing so, the toiletries you will not fall apart.

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