vintage bathroom decorating ideas

When considering decorating a bathroom birthday, most people think of replacing the floor, shower, or toilet with a new model. However, more and more designers and homeowners are finding that put antique furniture into a bathroom would embody a stunning d├ęcor and far from expectations.

vintage bathroom decorating ideas

Now, the bathroom is seen much more than just a small room to shower. The bathroom has become a place of escape for a number of people and reflects the taste of the owner of the House is more than just the tiles.

More clients using pieces of traditional furniture in a nontraditional manner in their bathroom. Horn said, there are two basic ways of furniture can be used in bathroom spaces, i.e. integrated or stand alone. With the method of integration of furniture, converted for use as part of the water system. For example, the cabinets and antique tables can be created as vanity bathroom sink so that it becomes a unique and stylish.

Often using a different type of object as a vanity (a dressing room that consists of a desk, vanity mirror, shelf or closet storage, and sink) or sink from the Cabinet wood rustic-style old baptismal stone container, until the horse drinking trough. I found them in the countryside, a flea market, or a vintage furniture store. Not all the antique furniture and the age of the first (traditional) suitable for turning it into the plumbing. The most important thing to consider is the power and durability.

With the old model or vintage furniture for instance, you must make sure the item is sturdy enough to hold the sink and faucets, and resistant to water. Any water pipeline looks good. With the growing interest in converting classic pieces for use of bathroom furniture, some manufacturers offer some furniture that’s been reproduced and is ready to connect to an existing pipeline. Julie Anderson, owner of Anderson Re-Design, which had just completed building and decorating a new home near Nashville, Tennessee, United States, love the look of antiques in the bathroom. However, he decided to do the bidding of reproduction.

In one bathroom, we make a dressing room with cherry nuance of black granite which we buy before additional integrated with faucets and all. We also bought some tools and utensils, antique display pieces on the internet. For homeowners who want the look of vintage furniture in their bathroom without commitment to reworking every pipe, piece design offers a range of stand alone does not have the edge. Elegant, painted cabinets can be used for storage of towels.

Shabby chic Bookshelf offers the best option for hiding the toiletries and reading materials. Anderson encouraged other homeowners to think creatively when considering how to bring pieces olders into the bathroom. We took two door mirrors from an antique cupboard in which the other side destroyed by burning and put it side by side on the wall of the powder room. This really opens up the space and make it more interesting. This helps expand the space that does not have a window.

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